Oyster : The Netflix for Books

Now launched and available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Over 100,000 books available wherever your iPhone goes for $9.95 a month.
Potentially awesome if you are an avid reader and have a subway commute like mine. That is if you enjoy reading on your iPhone screen.

“The world is mine oyster.”

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Websites that are #winning

Le Labo

Amazing website design | so excited to discover this!

It’s a creative piece in itself to just play around with the site. There are so many layers of information but it’s organized and cohesive. I love the look and the quirky voice of the copy. Well done.

Now, I would just love to try these scents and candles.

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Apples to Apple Infographic







Apples to Apple Infographic

This is a very clever infographic by comparing the famous technological Apple products to the fruit baring the same name. Of course someone had to come up with this at some point. Some interesting information to mull over, though the design is not something out of the ordinary.

See how much apple fruit is bought vs Apple technology. Which makes more money? Who buys the most apples? When dissected, what are they both really made up of?


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