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This will be a great book for the library. Designers coming together to reinterpret the first few pages of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. From classic type setting to pushing extremes… each designer thought about the reading experience, the meaning of the text, the dimensions of the page, the typeface used, etc. Can’t wait to get it!



Type Studies

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W magazine’s creative direction

Design director Edward Leida from W magazine talks about typographic styles he has chosen for headlines to stories. He finds playful elements and stories in the photographs for his concepts and then comes up with creative solutions for the type. Making the type contrast the image, enhance the image, or suggest a whole new idea. I find this stuff fascinating- I love typography.

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websites that are #winning

I have this site in my favorites tab.

On occasion I will visit it for inspiration and a great soundtrack. Orba Squara is a band with some amazing talent. This website is a sort of memoir of a road trip the band took and it captures images, scenes, and various things they came across on the journey. It is no boring slideshow of pictures but an amazing tribute to what it feels like to be on the road (awesome horizontal scroll which changes its speed wherever you hold the mouse!). It is also amazingly creative the way the typography plays into the images and I love so many of the quotes used. This is no simple website, it is really impressive and I hope you check it out and appreciate it the way I do 🙂


A commercial featuring Orba Squara’s music. Perfect background tunes!

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daily drawings for daily inspiration


This is definitely a portfolio site that I love.

A tidbit of inspiration for when you don’t know what to create and in my case just motivation to create. I find it so hard to doodle and make quotes look fun and good like this, but I love them and aspire to be at this level.

I must think too hard. Always thinking about what should come next in the drawing rather than just doing and letting images come out. I need to find some good exercises to “fix” this.

But check out Chris Piascik’s site and especially his daily drawings mentioned in the link above. I love them.

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