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Lorem Ipsum – all suped up

lorem ipsum


Meet the Ipsums!

Placeholder text is often used in mock ups with clients to give an idea of how the body text will look. Size, spacing, and different fonts can make the text look extremely different and changes the legibility. We use Lorem Ipsum for this placeholder text, or what looks like jibberish and is some nonsensical Latin text.

For your next project (depending on the client), have some fun with this site that generates themed placeholder text. You can brew your own blend of Coffee Ipsum, espresso sized paragraphs to grande sized paragraphs. How about the Hipster Ipsum? Served with “a shot of Latin” or “Hipster, neat.” There’s even a paragraph inspired by the popular sitcom, Arrested Development, Bluth Ipsum anyone?

Your next project just got way more fun!



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type in motion

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/29731423]


A British design firm, with a great edge, a lot of wit, and much talent.

why not associates

Their motion projects were pointed out to me today and I especially love this series for Virgin records. The type enhances the entire visual experience. They did a great job particularly in this video with blending the type into the mood of the audio. Check it out!


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Comedian trippin’

Going on this comedian theme because I have to share this poster I found yesterday.

I love posters integrating image and text- I am a graphic designer myself.

and when comedy is mixed in, it easily becomes one of my favorite things of the day 🙂

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