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Experiencing true letterpress printing is not something you can just replicate via digital means. You must first understand what it is like to get your hands full of ink and see the truly amazing mechanics of the rollers and the ease of placing a paper and rolling it down the press, to voila(!) have this beautifully printed piece. Letterpress has become very popular today for the embossing you can create with it as well. Actually, this popular embossing, which gives a 3D quality to the paper where the type has been printed (you can run your finger along it and feel the outlines), used to be frowned upon by printers as a mistake. They wanted to achieve seamless, flat images.

However, I just love the look of wood and lead letters, so I still feel that this application is beautiful and a worthy “experience” into letterpress. Although, it is not completely accurate, since it allows you to set the words from left to right. Technically when printed on paper, this letterpress image would read backwards, so type needs to be set backwards.

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