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clever ideas and awesome deliveries

clever ideas and awesome deliveries


Some fantastic illustrations, largely for magazine and news stories. These are current issues that we all understand and can relate too, yet it amazes me how simply Frank Chimero illustrates the idea. A lot of times he just strips down the words behind an idea to yield powerfully graphic results. Would you have thought of some of these solutions? Especially knowing that freelance editorial work often comes with tight deadlines. Hey we have this story being published in 5 hours. Go.

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chill out

I was doodling for some inspirational ideas.

Quite enjoying my penguin, though this isn’t necessarily leading me to a grand thesis project yet. #stressingout

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daily drawings for daily inspiration


This is definitely a portfolio site that I love.

A tidbit of inspiration for when you don’t know what to create and in my case just motivation to create. I find it so hard to doodle and make quotes look fun and good like this, but I love them and aspire to be at this level.

I must think too hard. Always thinking about what should come next in the drawing rather than just doing and letting images come out. I need to find some good exercises to “fix” this.

But check out Chris Piascik’s site and especially his daily drawings mentioned in the link above. I love them.

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websites that are #winning

In this day and age, I’m sorry, but if you have a bad website, it reflects that you (1) have poor style (2) are out of date and thus have an out of date product that most of us will look past (3) don’t care enough, and thus this will look poorly for your business…

this is why I will be posting when I find sites that do an AWESOME job.

It makes the whole experience so much better!

First example: and they are a design firm, so they are obviously #winning in this department but I have to share because it is unique, fun, and professional


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Comedian trippin’

Going on this comedian theme because I have to share this poster I found yesterday.

I love posters integrating image and text- I am a graphic designer myself.

and when comedy is mixed in, it easily becomes one of my favorite things of the day 🙂

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