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Inspired by Creature Studio

Creature Studio

Creature Studio


This knockout design studio based in Seattle and London is coming out ahead of the game because they just get it. Look at their workspace, play space, client space, friend space. It’s no wonder they have a long portfolio list of brand experience strategies, packaging designs that you have in your own home, and endless marketing ploys.

Their motto is that they are Creators of Things, and that goes as far as their office. In Seattle (pictured above), the entrance serves as a gallery space for passersby to wonder at and for Creatures (Creature employees, I mean, they must go as ‘Creatures’ right?) to continue practicing their crafts and artistry which often goes to the wayside when graphic designers work for bigger companies.

And, of course I did not forget their Safehouse space (http://safehouse.welcometocreature.com/). Everyone needs to take a moment away from their computers, desks, and a company that supports a visit to a bar is up there in my book. Cudos, Creature. A mug of whiskey, dust lined tin cans featuring old school graphics, and 3,000+ LPs to peruse. I’ll take a job offer any day. 






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This will be a great book for the library. Designers coming together to reinterpret the first few pages of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. From classic type setting to pushing extremes… each designer thought about the reading experience, the meaning of the text, the dimensions of the page, the typeface used, etc. Can’t wait to get it!



Type Studies

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little girl identifying everyday logos


Goes to show the impact that logos have even on this 5 year old girl! She doesn’t seem to have much trouble placing logos to their function but it must be stated that she is the daughter of a graphic designer. Cute study and video.

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W magazine’s creative direction

Design director Edward Leida from W magazine talks about typographic styles he has chosen for headlines to stories. He finds playful elements and stories in the photographs for his concepts and then comes up with creative solutions for the type. Making the type contrast the image, enhance the image, or suggest a whole new idea. I find this stuff fascinating- I love typography.

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