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cutting edge ecommerce


A 360 degree shoppable site. Sass and Bide is based in Australia and introduced this beautiful campaign with model Aline Weber, shot by Terry Gates. It takes a long time to load as it is a large site, but once it does, do not miss falling down the rabbit hole and landing at the bottom where the flat images emerge into a real space around you. Then you get to move around and shop the collection – click on the name to get to a product landing page – to make for a very cool ecommerce shopping experience. Nicely executed, now happy shopping!


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websites that are #winning

Frank Chimero. This designer and writer shows us a great portfolio site full of his inspirations, interests, a link to his blog/writings, as well as books on his recommended reading list. I love that he has elaborated on his beliefs on design and explains his design process because it influences how he looks at the world and how he proceeds with his projects.

I love the flow of the homepage- super unexpected when I first scrolled down and objects began to move up or down in different speeds. He also uses a simple color system that is a nice indicator of which area of his site you are on. All in all, great portfolio site that is different than any I’ve seen before, without asking too much of the viewer.



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daily drawings for daily inspiration


This is definitely a portfolio site that I love.

A tidbit of inspiration for when you don’t know what to create and in my case just motivation to create. I find it so hard to doodle and make quotes look fun and good like this, but I love them and aspire to be at this level.

I must think too hard. Always thinking about what should come next in the drawing rather than just doing and letting images come out. I need to find some good exercises to “fix” this.

But check out Chris Piascik’s site and especially his daily drawings mentioned in the link above. I love them.

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