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Interactive Billboards

NPR published a few examples of interactive media being used on billboards in London. Agencies are realizing the potential of interaction which actually makes people stop in their tracks and give a moment to understand what is going on or how they can be a part of it. And for all those attached to their cell phones, it allows the possibility to allow you to use your phone to interactβ€” as lets face it, phones are now a personal and emotional extension of ourselves.

All are interactive in their own way whether you are physically looking up at a plane, going to a website on your phone and dragging a man across the screen, or standing in a circle and interacting on screen with an angel.Β I am most impressed with the custom surveillance technology used by British Airways in the first video. Endless possibilities in today’s world! I think these type of campaigns are successful because they come with the type of creative thinking that allows adults to be as imaginative as we were in our youthβ€” dreaming big actually can be executed in today’s world.


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Karmin covers LMFAO

in lieu of LMFAO Party Rock Anthem being #1 on the Billboard charts, I wanted to share Karmin’s newest cover.

This duo is super talented, adorable (they are engaged!), and they attended Berkley here in Beantown- so I’m cheering for them! They also landed themselves on Ellen’s show a few months ago- and lets be honest, that is the coolest damn thing ever.



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