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Herman Miller / a history

Motion graphic video by Part of a Bigger Plan – based out of Amsterdam.

Clean. Simple. Functional. Well designed. In sum, Herman Miller.

Very much enjoyed this animation.

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logos by Chermayeff & Geismar

This animated video shows all the logos made by the design duo- Chermayeff & Geismar. So many of these logos you will recognize, especially NBC, PBS Barney’s New York, PanAm, Mobil, the Boston T system (YES!), the list goes on…

I love that they have used their same styling in simple shapes, same line thickness, and color sensibility to make the most recognizable logos. Not only their work, but the work of Sagi Haviv in putting together this 10 1/2 minute animation. The way the logos morph into each other is just amazing and so well thought out- I really cannot imagine how long this took! I love it- please watch through it.

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animated title sequence

This designer (James Curran) posted his movie title sequence online, which was seen by Steven Spielberg, who proceeded to invite him to the premier and offered him a job. That’s the best scenario ever, and well deserved. This is really fantastic.

(the link below brings you to the video via perezhilton.com)

TinTin motion design

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movie title sequence

The simple handmade feel of the images, playful use of type that interacts with the scene, and color scheme make this movie title sequence probably my favorite stylistically.

Luckily they got to work with a fantastic score by John Williams- one of those that is instantly recognizable and reflects the flight response of the character really well.

Catch Me If You Can Title sequence from artofthetitle.com

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