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The Lumineers: 2 guys from New Jersey (woot! sometimes the Jersey pride escapes) who moved to Denver (another place I used to live near!) and met their 3rd member and have been taking off from there…

Their biggest single off their new album accompanied by a beautiful music video. The aesthetics tie together with their folksy, authentic, rustic sound- such a good song- enjoy 🙂 What you can do with simple string lights, a venue, and fun-loving people! I think I’m inspired to start making videos in my upcoming ventures…


almost there!

It has been hard keeping up with posts and will be for the next few weeks because of our upcoming thesis show! Some information below. It is full on production mode with very little sleep, a cold creeping in (fighting through and just not accepting this as the case), and wondering how to get it all done!

Hence, the appreciation for videos like this that my friends can share with me. This is purely what it is- amazing…

20 Graphic Designers to know

A list of important graphic designers! Graphic design is a fairly new field, and often overlooked by the public. We are so used to seeing images, signs, typography in our everyday lives, that people often take graphic design for granted. Not understanding that there is such a thing as good design and bad design. These designers were/are original thinkers in the field and their work as you will see is very familiar- the magazines, packaging, logos, newspapers we love. Design doesn’t happen by accident- it is a thoughtful, conceptual, original, and creative challenge.

beauty in nature video

by Cannon Productions.

Beauty in nature has been my inspiration for months now. This video is stunning- the colors, the pacific northwest, the slowing down of time. It is a nice escape and paired with a great Radiohead song. Take 5 minutes to watch with no distractions- it can be your probably much needed daily meditation time. My favorite is seeing the raindrops falling from the leaves- I could watch that all day and strangely think I’m in that very moment.





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for your entertainment

If logos were reworked to tell some hidden truths. Click the link for more!


Happy Leap Year!

February 29th. Happy Leap Year! As we well know, this only happens every 4 years, and it feels like a rarity. I know someone who was born this day and it only comes up on facebook every  4 years that it is her birthday, and today, well she celebrated turning 6 instead of 24. I’m not sure if she celebrates the day before or the day after every year, how would you choose? I suppose the hour of your birth would determine which date you’re closest too.

I didn’t pay too much attention all day to it being leap year until my roommate and I suddenly thought, what the heck is it again? I know I knew this once before. Well I stumbled upon this video which basically summed up what my roommate and I guessed was the reason, but this infographic video is great, so check it out!



websites that are #winning

Frank Chimero. This designer and writer shows us a great portfolio site full of his inspirations, interests, a link to his blog/writings, as well as books on his recommended reading list. I love that he has elaborated on his beliefs on design and explains his design process because it influences how he looks at the world and how he proceeds with his projects.

I love the flow of the homepage- super unexpected when I first scrolled down and objects began to move up or down in different speeds. He also uses a simple color system that is a nice indicator of which area of his site you are on. All in all, great portfolio site that is different than any I’ve seen before, without asking too much of the viewer.


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a poster a day

This is a great way to challenge yourself as a designer.

Johnny Selman made a pledge to design one poster a day about a headline in world news. He began this as his graphic design thesis project and continued to expand as he realized his impact in visually presenting important information to the masses. His posters are really great executions of concept- interesting and easily understood.

See what Steven Heller has written on his blog 

and Johnny Selman’s website



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little girl identifying everyday logos


Goes to show the impact that logos have even on this 5 year old girl! She doesn’t seem to have much trouble placing logos to their function but it must be stated that she is the daughter of a graphic designer. Cute study and video.

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Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side)

A beautifully done stop-motion video written by Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tran.

Spike Jonze is a filmmaker, producer, director and has worked on Being John Malcovich, Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are, MTV’s Jackass, and a number of music videos. Working with Weezer, Beastie Boys, and Bjork.

When he met Olympia Le-Tran through friends, he was intrigued by these felt characters she made for bags. He wanted her to make him a Catcher In The Rye embroidery for his wall and in return she wanted a film. So began their collaboration on this video that celebrates what goes on after hours at the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Read more here

I love the humor, especially in the end credits, making this love story quirky and great.

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