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Herman Miller / a history

Motion graphic video by Part of a Bigger Plan – based out of Amsterdam.

Clean. Simple. Functional. Well designed. In sum, Herman Miller.

Very much enjoyed this animation.

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Community-Supported Art (instead of Agriculture). This is an interesting concept featured on the nytimes website today. People often do not know how to go about collecting art. It’s like being overwhelmed by all the book covers in the bookstore and feeling like you have no way of honing in on what it is you want to get because no one gave you a recommendation as of lately. All you know is, reading is important and it’s been your personal resolution to do it more. So, they say you should start collecting art and personalize your space. How about doing that locally with artists who really appreciate your support and make some pretty incredible things. It is a blind C.S.A – you really have no idea what will be in your share when you pick it up – but these artists are dedicating a project with a limited edition of about 50 pieces and it sounds like an awesome concept to be a part of. You’ll be sure to have many conversation starters.

It is only in a few locations now, including my neck of the woods in Brooklyn.

Would you try it?

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Inspired by Creature Studio

Creature Studio

Creature Studio


This knockout design studio based in Seattle and London is coming out ahead of the game because they just get it. Look at their workspace, play space, client space, friend space. It’s no wonder they have a long portfolio list of brand experience strategies, packaging designs that you have in your own home, and endless marketing ploys.

Their motto is that they are Creators of Things, and that goes as far as their office. In Seattle (pictured above), the entrance serves as a gallery space for passersby to wonder at and for Creatures (Creature employees, I mean, they must go as ‘Creatures’ right?) to continue practicing their crafts and artistry which often goes to the wayside when graphic designers work for bigger companies.

And, of course I did not forget their Safehouse space ( Everyone needs to take a moment away from their computers, desks, and a company that supports a visit to a bar is up there in my book. Cudos, Creature. A mug of whiskey, dust lined tin cans featuring old school graphics, and 3,000+ LPs to peruse. I’ll take a job offer any day. 






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clever ideas and awesome deliveries

clever ideas and awesome deliveries

Some fantastic illustrations, largely for magazine and news stories. These are current issues that we all understand and can relate too, yet it amazes me how simply Frank Chimero illustrates the idea. A lot of times he just strips down the words behind an idea to yield powerfully graphic results. Would you have thought of some of these solutions? Especially knowing that freelance editorial work often comes with tight deadlines. Hey we have this story being published in 5 hours. Go.

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Benefits of self driving cars. Potentially making roads safer? More efficient commutes?

Hmm looks like we are headed to a tech driven world- pun intended- and it certainly has its ups and downs.


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camping boutique hotel

I love this boutique hotel idea so much. It just looks so fun- I wish I could have been on this design team. Camping indoors? I think it would quite feel like the real thing with this replica camper and birch trees (my absolute favorite). It is even low-budget friendly as there are many “campers” in a big hall, really like being on a campsite. Apparently only 30 Euro a night/person. I assume that it has become a popular choice to stay here as I’ve seen this trending on many sites. So I’m pretty much debating packing my sleeping bag for Berlin right now.

Having the hostel-like experience with campsite neighbors (probably mostly young travelers), yet being in a unique boutique hotel- sounds fabulous. I think this is a great way to experience the culture of Berlin- the entire city is constantly up and coming with reconstruction going on since much of the city was destroyed during WWII. I was there in 2008 and the history and restoration were both so powerful and important to see as you always hear about Berlin, but you don’t fully absorb the information until you are face to face with the wall, the graffiti, the modern restorations of war ridden buildings.

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We’ve all been frustrated with this scenario. I just want the ketchup at the end of the bottle and I don’t want to awkwardly store it in my fridge door upside down so every time I open the fridge it threatens to fall out and become a bigger pest. Food condiment lovers, get ready, finally some smarty pants at MIT thought about a solution to this everyday problem we are faced with- I mean its a rapid world and I just cannot hit my bottle to get the stuff out for a minute. Thank you- though I cannot help but question if it is in fact non-toxic or something that we will find later really should not be coated in our glass bottles. Hmm… read article linked below!

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hugging already is my favorite

This is happy, thoughtful, and brilliant. I hope it’s real.


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Adventures in the woods

Every summer my friends and I have a cabin weekend. And well, this poem is too good not to share- thank you talented Stephanie.


Friday Night of Cabin Weekend
(Inspired by The Night Before Christmas)

‘Twas Friday night of Cabin Weekend, when all through the house
drunken creatures were stirring, even some mouse.
The solo cups strewn across tables without care,
in hopes that tomorrow’s hangover would never be there.

Drunk children were nestled in overcrowded beds,
while tranquil visions of tubing floated through their heads.
And Sasso in her fire proof pants, and I in my umbrella beer helmet cap,
had just settled in for our 4-7am nap.

When out near the fire arose such a clatter,
I shuffled out of bed to see what was the matter.
Out to the porch, I attempted to dash,
swung open the door, and tripped over some trash.

The moon hung in the sweet summer air so aglow
gave the luster of midday to the mess that lay below,
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a majestic pirate ship, filled with kegs of beer.

With a smug, handsome skipper, groaned my liver organ,
I knew in a moment it must be Captain Morgan.
Quicker than reindeer, his winded sails came,
And he whistled and shouted and called us by name:

“Now Christiano! Now Pedro!
Now, Katelin and Laura!
On, Amy! On, Adam!
On, Melinda and Barbara!
Vodka parties on the porch!
Buzzer shots ‘til you crawl!
Now drink away! Drink away!
Drink away all!”

I thought “that weed must be laced,” to see a pirate ship fly,
but sure enough I tell you, this boat sailed through the sky.
So up to the roof-top the great vessel flew,
with its kegs full of beer, and Captain Morgan too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
the clunk of his boots and knew this was no spoof.
As I took a deep breath and was turning around,
down to the deck, the Captain slid with a bound.

He was dressed in red and gold from his head to his feet,
his clothes slightly tarnished, but his appearance kept neat.
A full keg of beer he had slung on his back,
and a case full of bottles he began to unpack.

His eyes – dark but inviting, his smile crooked, yet merry.
The sword strapped to his hip, enough to make anyone wary.
At his wrists and his neck, shot out ruffles of white,
and the beard on his chin was as black as the night.
The gold of his earrings matched one of his teeth,
old but well polished, like his boot buckles beneath.
From his tri-corned hat to his hair long and wavy,
you could tell in an instant, he wasn’t part of no navy.

He stood very tall, built big and strong.
His face young but worn, he could do no wrong.
Our eyes quickly met and with a nod of his head,
soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
leaving the keg and some bottles, then turned with a jerk.
To declare his achievement he lifted his leg,
his boot rested satisfied atop of the keg.

A rope fell from above and up it he climbed,
and as the ship pulled away, down dropped some limes.
But I heard him exclaim as he sailed out of sight,

“Happy Cabin Weekend to all, and too all a good night!”

music inspiration

The Lumineers: 2 guys from New Jersey (woot! sometimes the Jersey pride escapes) who moved to Denver (another place I used to live near!) and met their 3rd member and have been taking off from there…

Their biggest single off their new album accompanied by a beautiful music video. The aesthetics tie together with their folksy, authentic, rustic sound- such a good song- enjoy 🙂 What you can do with simple string lights, a venue, and fun-loving people! I think I’m inspired to start making videos in my upcoming ventures…