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Teaching kids about growing food

This is a really awesome project by chef, Alice Waters. What a great concept and so important in today’s world. Its something that we take for granted, understanding where our food comes from, when the reality is that so many American kids don’t understand that carrots grow in the ground! Anyone can be taught to be self-sufficient and growing our own food is the direction we should all be going in. Honestly, its scary how large some strawberries are that we buy in the grocery store when you compare to wild strawberries. Anyways, watch this video from the Today show…I think they did a good job choosing to team up with Jake Gyllenhaal, just another reason I love this.

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Adventures in the Kitchen: Stuffed Peppers

My mom always tells me to eat a variety of colors. This is easy for me because

I definitely eat with my eyes first. So without much left in my kitchen I made a quick,

easy box of couscous (curry flavored this time) and then decided to stuff the peppers I

had. Roast them in the oven at about 400 degrees for 30 minutes, adding a bit of cheese

is a must. Pretty food that would easily add some pizazz to a dinner plate, as well as

impress a guest 🙂

Interesting Read: Speaking of eating varieties, this was just an interesting article that

my mom shared with me, because she is super proud of doing just this with her kids.

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