graphic design is social

This weekend I went to a lecture by Kristen Spilman, associate at Pentagram. She also teaches a course at MICA.

She made a comment that resonated strongly with me- that graphic design is a social industry. We get freelance opportunities through people we know, new connections we make, and putting ourselves out in the design world. This happened to me just today, an email I was not expecting for a freelance opportunity for a start up because I worked with this person’s mother before on a poster.

Pushing this social idea even further. I am constantly designing with a sensibility of how the visual message will come across to the audience. After all, how will my design communicate more than someone else’s design?

Kristen is fortunate to work for a prestigious firm like Pentagram and it was really nice to see that she owned up to the fact that she has amazing clients. She really impressed me with the stories of how certain decisions were made for logos, book layouts, etc. Here is one of her projects for rebranding MICA – the oldest art school in America.


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