Best of Boston

On Wednesday night I went to the Best of Boston party. As a Boston Magazine intern this summer, this was an awesome perk!

It was a fabulous indoor and outdoor space directly on the water and decorated with a loungy, Miami-in-Boston type of feel. Yet, not quite as sexy, so maybe this is not the best analogy, but you can picture it. There was a great crowd of BoB (Best of Boston) winners, the who’s who of Boston (though on the list, the best boys of Boston, yes Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did not make an appearance ::sigh::), and people affiliated with the magazine.

As well as Channel5 News! And I’m excited about this only because at the very end of this video you can make me out as the figure all the way to the right in grey blazer and dress (video link at the bottom!). Not really that exciting at all, but this entire clip gives an insight to the biggest issue of the year- our August issue is always the Best of Boston- that I’ve been working on as one of the Art Interns. This year we had the most winners, 328, which only means that I have practically a whole years worth of meals to try at the top restaurants (who wants to treat me?).


First stop, Cutty’s – Best Sandwich Shop – in Brookline. My neck of the woods. Already emailed my Betches about this – a term of endearment amongst my girlfriends, yes, it is so happening. Check in for my next blogpost…

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