cutting edge ecommerce

A 360 degree shoppable site. Sass and Bide is based in Australia and introduced this beautiful campaign with model Aline Weber, shot by Terry Gates. It takes a long time to load as it is a large site, but once it does, do not miss falling down the rabbit hole and landing at the bottom where the flat images emerge into a real space around you. Then you get to move around and shop the collection – click on the name to get to a product landing page – to make for a very cool ecommerce shopping experience. Nicely executed, now happy shopping!


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Interactive Billboards

NPR published a few examples of interactive media being used on billboards in London. Agencies are realizing the potential of interaction which actually makes people stop in their tracks and give a moment to understand what is going on or how they can be a part of it. And for all those attached to their cell phones, it allows the possibility to allow you to use your phone to interact— as lets face it, phones are now a personal and emotional extension of ourselves.

All are interactive in their own way whether you are physically looking up at a plane, going to a website on your phone and dragging a man across the screen, or standing in a circle and interacting on screen with an angel. I am most impressed with the custom surveillance technology used by British Airways in the first video. Endless possibilities in today’s world! I think these type of campaigns are successful because they come with the type of creative thinking that allows adults to be as imaginative as we were in our youth— dreaming big actually can be executed in today’s world.

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Herman Miller / a history

Motion graphic video by Part of a Bigger Plan – based out of Amsterdam.

Clean. Simple. Functional. Well designed. In sum, Herman Miller.

Very much enjoyed this animation.

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challenging conventional beauty PFW

Paris Fashion Week and designer Rick Owens slams conventional beauty with a whole new beauty and amazing show.

Using dancers with muscle, structure, fierce facial expressions – this is very powerful and hopefully something that will catch on. Look how amazing the clothes come across – skinny is one body type, not THE body type.

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Oyster : The Netflix for Books

Now launched and available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Over 100,000 books available wherever your iPhone goes for $9.95 a month.
Potentially awesome if you are an avid reader and have a subway commute like mine. That is if you enjoy reading on your iPhone screen.

“The world is mine oyster.”

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IKEA’s whole platform is around calculated designs. Those Swedes know a thing or two about being relevant, sleek, simple, and marketable. Now, to add to the user experience, and I personally think that going to IKEA is an adult Disney World (I kind of love it), they have an app that actually helps you visualize your space. I’m curious about the accuracy of scale, but I will be trying it out next weekend when I move to my new apartment and have the challenge of fitting a couch in a (let’s say) quaint NYC living room.

AR or Augmented Reality is on a rise with publications as it allows the customer to gain further information and interact with the printed page. It uses software (applications) that scan images on the printed page and then bring up options directly on your smart phone. The IKEA catalog provides symbols for the 100 or so pieces of furniture that they chose for this app – I’m sure it’s a work-in-progress and very cool indeed.


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type image

Community-Supported Art (instead of Agriculture). This is an interesting concept featured on the nytimes website today. People often do not know how to go about collecting art. It’s like being overwhelmed by all the book covers in the bookstore and feeling like you have no way of honing in on what it is you want to get because no one gave you a recommendation as of lately. All you know is, reading is important and it’s been your personal resolution to do it more. So, they say you should start collecting art and personalize your space. How about doing that locally with artists who really appreciate your support and make some pretty incredible things. It is a blind C.S.A – you really have no idea what will be in your share when you pick it up – but these artists are dedicating a project with a limited edition of about 50 pieces and it sounds like an awesome concept to be a part of. You’ll be sure to have many conversation starters.

It is only in a few locations now, including my neck of the woods in Brooklyn.

Would you try it?

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Lorem Ipsum – all suped up

lorem ipsum

Meet the Ipsums!

Placeholder text is often used in mock ups with clients to give an idea of how the body text will look. Size, spacing, and different fonts can make the text look extremely different and changes the legibility. We use Lorem Ipsum for this placeholder text, or what looks like jibberish and is some nonsensical Latin text.

For your next project (depending on the client), have some fun with this site that generates themed placeholder text. You can brew your own blend of Coffee Ipsum, espresso sized paragraphs to grande sized paragraphs. How about the Hipster Ipsum? Served with “a shot of Latin” or “Hipster, neat.” There’s even a paragraph inspired by the popular sitcom, Arrested Development, Bluth Ipsum anyone?

Your next project just got way more fun!



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Inspired by Creature Studio

Creature Studio

Creature Studio


This knockout design studio based in Seattle and London is coming out ahead of the game because they just get it. Look at their workspace, play space, client space, friend space. It’s no wonder they have a long portfolio list of brand experience strategies, packaging designs that you have in your own home, and endless marketing ploys.

Their motto is that they are Creators of Things, and that goes as far as their office. In Seattle (pictured above), the entrance serves as a gallery space for passersby to wonder at and for Creatures (Creature employees, I mean, they must go as ‘Creatures’ right?) to continue practicing their crafts and artistry which often goes to the wayside when graphic designers work for bigger companies.

And, of course I did not forget their Safehouse space ( Everyone needs to take a moment away from their computers, desks, and a company that supports a visit to a bar is up there in my book. Cudos, Creature. A mug of whiskey, dust lined tin cans featuring old school graphics, and 3,000+ LPs to peruse. I’ll take a job offer any day. 






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clever ideas and awesome deliveries

clever ideas and awesome deliveries

Some fantastic illustrations, largely for magazine and news stories. These are current issues that we all understand and can relate too, yet it amazes me how simply Frank Chimero illustrates the idea. A lot of times he just strips down the words behind an idea to yield powerfully graphic results. Would you have thought of some of these solutions? Especially knowing that freelance editorial work often comes with tight deadlines. Hey we have this story being published in 5 hours. Go.

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